Ghazal is a recently certified Reiki Practitioner (Level 2) and is very excited to complete her Level 3 this summer. She has always been drawn to holistic healing and believes it plays a role in her creative work. She plans to blend art and spirituality in a way that will inspire others towards the peace and clarity of their inner Creator.

The most important story is the story we tell ourselves about who we are. Unfortunately without realizing it, we can let external circumstances like societal norms, social pressures, cultural & religious expectations, even personal relationships dictate our stories to us, leaving us feeling powerless, depleted, and stuck in a narrative we never chose. Systemic issues, generational trauma, and mental health only contribute to this ongoing cycle and without proper guidance and awareness, we find ourselves unconsciously living out narratives imposed on us rather than reclaiming our story and stepping into the Fullness of who we are.

Ghazal is continuously learning how to heal from old narratives and is ready to take her learning to the next level by helping others to do the same.

Once she completes her Level 3, Ghazal plans to open up her own practice where she can offer Energy Healing Reiki sessions, Creative Healing sessions, and Intuitive Life Guidance sessions along with her acting & audition coaching (all available in person or online). Stay tuned for more info over the coming months!

IMPORTANT: Healing and medicine are two different disciplines. Holistic healing can help contribute to overall health but should not be used as a substitute for medical care and treatment. Ideally we can create a bridge between the two without dismissing one or the other.