Tārof تعارف

Ghazal is currently writing her second play ‘Tārof’ (تعارف) generously funded by Canada Council. 

Dear Konstantin

After the pandemic cancellation of Soulpepper's The Seagull, Ghazal felt compelled to continue her journey with Masha. What started as journaling evolved into letters which evolved into the podcast/audio drama Dear Konstantin. Funded by the Canada Council Digital Originals Grant and sound designed by Debashis Sinha, Ghazal was delighted to see her first project through to the finish line.


Ghazal is passionate about social justice issues. She hopes to incorporate more activism in her art and everyday life. She shares resources on her LinkTree account to spread awareness of systemic issues to her community and beyond.

Divine Darkness

Lyrics written by Ghazal Azarbad, in collaboration with Christopher Allen. Composed by Mishelle Cuttler, orchestration by Ben Elliott, edited by Cande Andrade, shot by Enrique Reyes, and produced by Bard on the Beach.


Ghazal is currently in the process of writing her first full length play, with the generous support of Marie Farsi and James King at Babelle Theatre as part of their new initiative: The Makers Lab.