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Maggie - Bunny

Review by Colin Thomas, 2022

‘I don’t think I’m ever going to get tired of seeing Ghazal Azarbad onstage: the frank generosity she brings to the role of Sorrel’s best friend Maggie is a balm. (Female friendship is one of the central subjects of this script.)’

Viola de Lesseps - Shakespeare in Love
Review by Lee Hall. Georgia Straight, 2019

"The first highlight is Ghazal Azarbad as Viola. She’s charming, dynamic, and truly the heart of the play as she bubbles with joy for poetry and romance. Her chemistry [...] is beautiful and sweet, and she shines in passion and comedy alike."

Viola de Lesseps - Shakespeare in Love
Review by Marsha Lederman. The Globe and Mail, 2019.

"Ms. Azarbad is transcendent, in a performance that can indeed teach the torches to burn bright."

Viola de Lesseps - Shakespeare in Love
Review by Colin Thomas. 2019.

"In a consistently impressive cast, Ghazal Azarbad is the standout as Viola. Azarbad is direct, warm, and intelligent, and she makes such simple, moving sense of the Shakespearean language that her presence becomes the most consistent point of emotional access."

Salena - It's a Wonderful Christmas-ish Holiday Miracle
Review by Colin Thomas, 2019.

"Ghazal Azarbad’s Salena is fantastic. When she was alive, Salena was a hedge fund manager and Azarbad gives her an unexpectedly persuasive combination of tenderness and self-serving aspiration. She also spins every damn line for everything it’s worth."

Entrances and Exits: an improvised farce
Review by Mooney on Theatre, 2018

"Ghazal Azarbad pulled out one of the best gags of the night with a marijuana pot as a birthday present (this was the joke that kept on giving to the other castmembers, too)."

Siobhan, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Review by Jerry Wasserman. Vancouver Sun, 2018

"One element works very well. Siobhan, beautifully played by Ghazal Azarbad, partly narrates Christopher’s experience, vividly framing his agonies as well as his small personal triumphs. She reads from a notebook in which he’s written his story and moves with him as he moves silently around the stage, often in strict geometric patterns."

Siobhan, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Review by Irving Bolton. TwoCents&TwoPence, 2018.

"The star of the show for me was Ghazal Azarbad who plays Siobhan, Christopher's mentor at school.  The character is one of Christopher's few confidantes, and acts as a the show's de-facto narrator, quoting from Christopher's journal, and often speaks Christopher's lines, representing his inner monologue.  Azarbad guides the audience through the story and is the most accessible character for us to interpret Christopher's struggles.  Her performance is heartwarming and beautifully enunciated, adding richness and depth to the script.  Elegant and rhythmic pacing enhanced the significance of each line that was shared or swapped, blending Siobhan and Christopher's characters into a coalesced stream of consciousness."

Queen of Hearts - East Van Panto, Alice in Wonderland Review by Colin Thomas, 2021

“Let me just sing the praises of one more actor. Ghazal Azarbad’s Queen is the diva of divas, confidently chewing the scenery as if it were a light snack.“

Photo by Ming Hudson